Alas Peruanas University acknowledges that the qualification of teachers is directly related to the quality of teaching, so that the big quantity of them have masters degrees and doctorates in several specialties and they are also trained in modern teaching techniques which optimizes the generation and transmission of knowledge.

Graduated installments

Our university aims to provide the greatest economic facilities to their students, for which it has distinct categories that are assigned after a comprehensive evaluation by the University Welfare Office. The University awards its best students when they have an excellent academic performance and meet the requirements, giving partial or a quarter of scholarship.


The University has well-equipped classrooms so that teachers can share their knowledge using audio-visual aids, enabling more effective teaching. Also, UAP has specialized equipment for laboratories of different specialties, allowing students to get in touch with the latest technologies.

The University has adequate subsidiaries for an academic development. The classrooms have facilities for the use of audiovisual equipment. There are also laboratories by specialty. As a policy, each faculty must have its own computer rooms.


In order to facilitate access to and use of bibliographic services at the University, each career has a specialized library. To date, we have over 10,000 titles, properly processed, classified and indexed; an amount that is rising steadily. The Faculties try to maintain up to day all the editions so that they are not outdated.


Alas Peruanas University wants their students obtain their degree as soon as permitted by laws, so they are encouraged to development their thesis from the latest terms, which began to be guided by teachers, in some cases, from the seventh term. On the other hand, we encourage the scientific research and practical application in the reality.


UAP is giving a boost to bibliographic publications in order to spread culture and knowledge. Some of the titles published in 2001 are: “Relaciones Civil – Militares y Democracia” (in English: Civil Affairs - Military and Democracy), “Base Anatómica para el Diagnóstico Ultrasonográfico en el Gato y el Perro” (in English: Anatomical basis for the ultrasonographic diagnosis in the Cat and Dog), “¿Se seca la costa?” (in English: Does it dry up the coast?), “Cultura Peruana e Historia de los Incas” (in English: Peruvian Culture and History of the Incas), “Guía para la evaluación Integral de la Gestión Educativa” (in English: Guide to the Comprehensive Assessment of Educational Management) and the journals “Science and Development Nº 4” and “Wari Runa”.


In the Faculty's policy is to promote the early entry of students into employment, so many of them perform their pre-internship training at important companies and institutions. UAP also offers students the possibility of carrying out their pre-internship training within the same university.

Sports and Recreation

One of the main features of Alas Peruanas University is providing direct support to sporting activities in all fields where students stand out. Basketball teams, karate, kung fu, shooting, chess and futsal have won medals in different competitions who they have attended.

Private mobility

UAP has its own mobility service, used to transport students to field practices, trips, excursions, tours and other activities, including sports competitions where students represent their university.


UAP has signed with several institutions cooperation agreements aimed at promoting the entry to the University, the allocation of special pension scales for the beneficiaries and the exchange of services, infrastructure and equipment between institutions. It has signed agreements with institutions such as the Peruvian Army, Navy, SENCICO, Municipality of Jesús María, Integrated National Security Council, etc.

Training Workshops

Through training workshops seeks to enrich and enhance student awareness of their personality, putting them in contact with some other expressions of art and also help them improve their verbal and physical expression. Thus, students of Alas Peruanas University face the challenge of training a new profile, with strong knowledge of science in their career, but also with creative and sensible character and humanist.

University Extension

The Department for Continuing Education offers students, alumni and the general public courses, seminars, workshops and comprehensive programs in various topics which are taught by specialist teachers of the highest academic level. .

Centers for Agricultural and Veterinary Research

In our schools, students executed field practices in different specialties of their training. They are located in Piura, Lambayeque, San Miguel de Cajamarca and Huancavelica. In Lima, they are in Pachacamac and the Chillon Valley.

Health Care - Medical Center

It provides students with comprehensive medical care free in our headquarters. All new students attend this center for a checkup and to be insured.

Dental Center

This center provides students a service at reduced rates and excellent quality in charge of dental surgeons.

Clinical Laboratory

It provides clinical laboratory services such as blood tests and X-rays, highly economic costs for all students.

Student Insurance

UAP offers its students a medical insurance at the Private Hospital "Virgen de las Mercedes" at Military Hospital, staffed by medical specialists.

Medical Alert

We have the service of "Medical Alert" which provides, in case of emergencies on the University, mobile units with equipment and medical specialists 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.