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In the Science and Development magazine is the research done by our faculty, specialized researchers who together with students being carried out various projects since the beginning of our academic life as institution. We published 16 bimonthly numbers, the summary of the topics covered on this page are the same at your service and we would like to initiate contact with stakeholders.

Revista Nº 16 - Vol 2 :
Proposal for an accessible forage biomass - in normal weather conditions...
Breeding of vicuñas in the permanent fence of the Center of Research...
GIS, Remote Sensing and prototype based in oceanographic variables...
Evaluation of formulated gel based on hydroalcoholic extract...
Training program for increasing muscle strength
Application of the Text - Guide and Atlas of Histology and Human...
Aquaponics: Educational tool for cross-learning of science
Sustainable Development in Peru
Revista Nº 16 - Vol 1 :
Glacier retreat in the mountains of the Peruvian Andes...
Dynamics of microbial biomass and its relationships...
Using medium spatial resolution images in the multitemporal...
Evaluation of the Mercury in coming jurel of Matarani...
Effectiveness of brushing with sodium chloride versus...
Extraction and quantification of anthocyanins from...
Improvement of functional capacity of nonagenarians...
Nutritional Status and Family issues in Children Peruvian...
Revista Nº 15 - Vol 2 :
Audiovisual stimulation in children with special needs, for the oral hygiene habit
Performance of aloe vera antifungal dragon’s blood and Compared to Gynocanesten
Decisive factors of the caesarean operation in the hospitals of Tumbes (2011)
Prevalence of enterobiasis, its relationship with the quality of life and environmental
Determination of growth parameters of Nile tilapia (Orechromis niloticus)
Evaluation of three types of fertilizers in Lactuca sativa (“lettuce”)
The industrialization of the tomato by means of the fusion of the agriculture)
Development of the competitions through the system of tasks
The night’s big snakes: A study anthropological of the informal trade of fuel in Tumbes
Revista Nº 15 - Vol 1 :
El Niño, alternatives to its use
Resources benthic of the bay of Sechura
Clinical evaluation of gel formulated on the basis of leaves of Pelargonium
Prevalence of enteroparasitism in schoolchildren
The paradigm of the scientific research in Peru and mining fee
Reflexiones sobre las áreas naturales protegidas y la legislación ambiental
Magazine Nº 14:
Web technology as a support of the process of monitoring
Study about Case on Growing Tomato Production in the desert
Technique of the Iliofemoral Attachment Using the Anchor Suture over the Correction of Luxations
Characteristics of the Textile Fiber of the Vicuña (Vicugna vicugna)
Cephalic total and corporal indexes of the mature vicuña (Vicugna vicugna mensalis)
Hematological values of the hairy armadillo (Chaetophractus nationi) in captivity
Ethnobotanist and ethnopharmacological study of medicinal plants
Magazine Nº 13:
Determination of the treatment of the causal agents of the dandruff
Hospital EsSalud Huacho October 2010
Comparative Study of Vaginal Devices
Influence of Organizational Skills for Students of EAPIC-UAP
Clinical evaluation of facial cream based in grease of hen
Gaviones walls and piles for the protection of duct of gas
Magazine Nº 12:
Clinical Evaluation of Gel Based on Hydroalcoholic
Environmental change in the Sechura desert
Levels of anxiety and their relationship
Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement
MITOO: A Framework for the Migration
Interrelation of Adolescent Self-Esteem
Magazine Nº 11:
Construcción de una herramienta Lower Case
Integration of tools SSAS and .Net for the development
I reparation and acceptance of a home
System of control in the journey time
The main factors of the behaviors of risk for STD
Construction of a component that allows
System of acquisition of data for parallel
Encryption file algorithm of plain text
Influences of the aesthetic dental alterations
Obtaining of chromate of sodium
Generator of dynamic questions in real time
Magazine Nº 10:
Antimicrobial action of propolis of Apis mellifera
Mitigation and bioremediation of soils contaminated
Magazine Nº 09:
Control and Regulation of PH in a lactic
Emotional intelligence and academic achievement
Recent Research Findings in the Archaeological
Science, Technology, Security and National Defense
The Corporate Crisis: Disagreement between
The Effects of the Learninng in Presence at School
The Development of the infusions with Morus
Design, Development and Evaluation
Toothpaste based on medical and therapeutic
Magazine Nº 08:
Consumption of the llama (Lama glama)
Contribution to the study of the teething
Prototype of dental pretender to improve the microfiltration
Prototype to measure the polymerization
Female somatotype and constitutional
Magazine Nº 07:
Module of automatically weatherized hydroponic greenhouse
Analysis and evaluation of Cabanaconde earthquake (Arequipa)
Empowerment to outsourcing as a growing strategy
Treatment of Effluents of the Industry of the Leather
Space-time features of the superficial seismicity in Southern
Treatment of used vegetal oils, like raw material
Geosystem Entities of the Seat of the Quarry Añashuayco
Contaminación del río Chili, en Arequipa
Compilation of Monumental Tourist Patrimony
Landslides in progressive manifestation
Magazine Nº 06:
Validation of the new cultivation of sweet potato forage
Adaptability of ostriches (Struthio camelus)
Study of the accessible capacity of biomass forage
Health and conservation of the white-winged
Cardiopathies in Canis familiaris in Metropolitan Lima
Level of knowledge and impact of the pediatric
Characteristics Space – Time of the superficial seismicity
Application of curricular strategy Haramboure

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