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Universities Authorities
Fidel Ramírez Prado, Ph. D.
Doctor in Law and Politic Sciences
Studies in Accounting and Finances
Master in Business Administration
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
Specialization courses in Spain, Canada, United States, England, Russia, Panama, Mexico and Israel.l
Enrique Bedoya sanchez Ph. D.
Administrative Pro Vice-Chancellor
Bachelor’s degree in business administration from the National University Federico Villareal.
Master in business administration and management from Inca Garcilaso de la Vega university.
Master in administration and business management from the National University Mayor of San Marcos.
Master’s degree in business administration from University Diego Portales (Chile).
Doctorade in business administration from the International Euroamerican University (Panama and Spain).
Former chancellor of the Technological University of Peru (UTP) for over seventeen years.
First Vice – President of the National Assembly of Chancellors.
President of the honorable World Academy of education.
President of the Academy of doctors of Peru.
Business Consultant. National and international speaker.
21 honorary doctorates and several academic distinctions as Professor
Business consultant in strategic management , transformational leadership, training of executives and organizational behavior.
Manuel Augusto Coronado Aguilar, D.B.A.
Administrative Pro Vice-Chancellor
Doctor in Economy
Master in Administration
Master in Education
Chartered accountant
Courses in Post graduate in Finances and university accreditation

Econ. José Francisco Soberón Bolaños

Planning and Economy Pro Vice-Chancellor
Doctor en Educación
Maestrías en Docencia Universitaria y Gestión Educativa
Maestrías en Elaboración y Evaluación de Proyectos de Inversión
Estudios en Planificación, Administración y Finanzas
Ex Gerente General de: Agroindustrial Casagrande, Agroindustrial Pomalca, Agroindustrial Andahuasi, Cooperativa Alas Peruanas, Cooperativa Guardia Civil, Cooperativa Francisco Bolognesi
Jefe de Oficina de Planeamiento: Cooperativa Santa Elisa
Oficina Sectorial de Planificación del Ministerio de Vivienda y Construcción
Oficina Sectorial de Planificación del Ministerio de Pesquería
Catedrático en Pre y Post grado.
Dr. Jorge Lazo Arrasco
Investigation and Post graduate Pro Vice-Chancellor
Doctor in Education.
7 Doctorades Honoris Causa.
Former chancellor of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University.
Decorated by the government of Peru as Gran Amauta.
Decorated by the Congress with the medal at the Rank of Officer.
Honored with a monument erected by Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University.
Author of 71 unpublished books.
Carlos Hinojosa Uchoffen, Ph.D.
General Secretary
Master in Civil and Commercial Law
Doctor in Law
Ph.D. Business Administration at AIU - Miami
Academic training in Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Miami, Zaragoza, Geneva.
Post graduate teaching experience in National and private universities
Oscar Lagravère Von Massenbach, Ph.D.
Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
Systems engineering- IBM, Industrial engineering- USA, Civil engineering UNI – Perú
Magister: business administration , Finance, Marketing, Government, Human
resources,Computer science – USA, Europa: Harvard. Princeton, MIT, Georgia Tech., Zurich.
Ph.D. Systems engineering – USA.
Doctorate in Education – Perú.
Doctorate in Administration – Perú.
Former board member of IBM Peru and Bolivia.
Former CEO of IBM Internacional.
International professor who has been invited in different countries : USA, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, España.
Professor of Masters and Doctorates in several universities in Peru.
Oswaldo Vásquez Cerna, Ph.D.
Dean of Faculty of Administrative, Economic,
Accounting and Financial Sciences
Doctor in Law and Politic Sciences
Studies in Accounting and Finances
Master in Business Administration
Oscar Venero Matto, M.D.
Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Veterinary Doctor
Specialist in Minor Species – Cayetano Heredia University
Ex Head of Academic Department of Medicine and Veterinary Surgeon - UNMSM
Ricardo Díaz Bazán, Ph. D.
Dean of Faculty of Law and Politic Sciences
Master in Management
Master of Civil Law.
Doctor of Laws.
PhD in Business Administration at AIU – MIAMI.
Academic Training in Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile.
Diploma in University Teaching.
Img/dianmove.gif Diploma in Criminal Procedure Law.
Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Experience.
Mg. Hugo Efraín Viladegut Bush
Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Education and Humanities 
Studies in Law.
Bachelor in Elementary Education at San Marcos University.
Master in Higher Education at San Marcos University.
The main radio host at RPP News during 25 years.
Diploma: "Radio Production" PUCP (scholarship by the German Foundation Konrad Adenawer)
Dr. Juan Gualberto Trelles Yenque
Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences
Professional with more than 30 years of experience.
Leading investigator of Pharmaceutical laboratories.
Professor of Alas Peruanas University.
Responsible for policy development.
Consultant through the Ministry of Health.
Medical director of a prívate clinic.
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