The emblem of Alas Peruanas University comes from a ceramic vessel of Mochica Culture which was developed on the north coast in the current Peru between III and IV centuries of our era. This artistic piece is kept in the Ethnographic Museum in Berlin, Germany. In 1954, Gerdet Kutscher published the reproduction of the figure in Chinese ink while in the same time had been prepared by W. V. D. Stiner. In 1976, the famous Peruvian archaeologist Dr. Federico Kauffman Doig spread it in his work "El Perú Arqueológico".

The emblem is an anthropo-ornithomorphic figure that represents a magical-religious character inspired by a marine eagle with feet firmly established in the earth, the right wing gives feature to fly and the left arm is equipped with a shield, truncheon and spears. The feathers of neck and head are standing on end, in warlike attitude. The more than 40 thousand partners who are members of the Army, Navy and Air Force of Peru form Alas Peruanas Cooperative of Special Services, promoter of Alas Peruanas University, are fully represented by the mythical image.


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