Fidel Ramírez Prado, Ph.D.

Our university -due to the work that its members develop every day- has been consolidated as an academic institution of higher projection to form excellent professionals with high education of the highest level.

We are in a process of true growth and banking on the International Cooperation which opens us the doors to give university studies in both pre graduate and post graduate with universal vision, aware of the need to form highly competitive professionals in an increasingly globalized world. Contributing to this, we are leading a program of agreement’s subscription of cooperation that will provide us the exchange of teachers and students.

Alas Peruanas University has established cooperation agreements with European Universities, qualifying and proving us in the demanding European Union and coming soon we will sign agreements with universities of Switzerland, England, France and Israel. The great challenge that we assumed as university, is to promote participation of our students and teachers in different exchanges that it is doing. We are aware of the commitment that we have assumed in formation of professionals to ensure a better future and welfare for all.

I am pleased to inform that we have opened our headquarters in Rome-Italy whose main purpose is to give education to immigrants, so that graduates of UAP in that country able to enter automatically to Rome Tre University and do a master in two years that ratify their grades to work in Italy. Alas Peruanas University is also in Japan and United States. As you see, we continue to developing and consolidating a university that gives education of the highest academic level. Thank you so much for to be part of this great family of Alas Peruanas in the world.

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