Our university was created by Dr. Fidel Ramírez Prado’s initiative who was President of the Council of Administration of Alas Peruanas Credit Union in those days.

In March, 1989 the General Assembly of Delegates of Alas Peruanas Cooperative approved unanimously Dr. Ramírez’s initiative and it entrusted him to do the appropriate procedures for the fulfilment of this ambitious project.

In 1994, it was presented to the Congress of the Republic of Peru (Democratic Congress Constituent ), the creation project No. 1485/94 of Alas Peruanas University under the chairmanship of Aguilar Bailón de la Cruz, B.A.

In 1995, when it was President of the Cooperative, Dr. Ricardo Díaz Bazán the procedures continue. In those days, it was created the National Council for Authorizing the Functioning of Universities the only one responsible to approve or reject the university projects.

In 1996, CONAFU approved the Resolution No. 102 dated April 26 that authorizes to Alas Peruanas University comes into operation with five professional careers. In that time, it was President of the Administration Council of Cooperative Alas Peruanas, Mr. Estanislao Chujutalli Muñoz and Dr. Fidel Ramírez Prado was General Manager.

Since then, Alas Peruanas University has followed all legal steps that formalize and guarantee its existence and expansion in national and international level.

On June 1st, 1996 Alas Peruanas University started to run when Dr. Javier Pulgar Vidal was President of Organizing Committee, Dr. Cesar Olano Aguilar was General Secretary and Dr. Fidel Ramírez Prado was Chief Executive. In that moment, they were responsible to plan, elaborate and maintain the institutional development project of Alas Peruanas University.

In November, 1999 CONAFU with resolution No. 656 declares the adaptation of the Alas Peruanas University as Public Limited Company in accordance to Decree-Law Nº 882

By general consent of promoter UAP, Fidel Ramírez Prado Ph.D was appointed Vice-chancellor of Alas Peruanas University on February 8th, 2000. He was later a member of the plenary session of ANR (abbreviation in Spanish). He is Vice-Chancellor up to now.

Alas Peruanas University is yesterday, is today and will be tomorrow too. It always will have an interaction between the present and the past, what happened contributes to the current knowledge as well as the present experiences transform our perception of the past.

Alas Peruanas is a university that has its own ideas, prospective concept and futuristic plans. For this reason, it grows quickly because one of its purposes is to think, examine and make up.

Welcome all students who want to enter to our classrooms. We receive them with open arms such as our 70 thousand students who have been already received in all Peru.


One big classroom: Peru!

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