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The Academic Professional School of Systems and Computer Engineering of Alas Peruanas University is intended to serve the country forming Systems and Computer Engineers, who will have the humanistic, scientific and technological abilities that will enable them to perform with excellence and leadership in four dimensions of knowledge, according to principles of the doctrine, vision, mission and curricular objectives of UAP. To have sufficient knowledge to perform scientific, technical and professional in the field of application of computer systems, in computing, business processes and information technology.


The Systems and Computer Engineering from Alas Peruanas University is a competitive professional and able to: Perform scientific, humanistic, social, technical and professional in information systems to real life processes and national and international business companies and greater emphasis on companies that are operating on the basis of free trade agreements. To solve business problems through the implementation of systems engineering projects, using cutting-edge information technology by applying it to business models and processes in order to contribute substantially to the achievement of company’s objectives where he works. To develop strategic business planning and information technology, reengineering and process redesign, automation, robotics and expert systems, as be required for the multidisciplinary teams of companies to enhance and support business strategies of the companies through the process.


The Systems and Computer Engineer graduated from Alas Peruanas University is a competitive professional and able to work in: • Business Information Technology Department - Chief Information Officer • The carry out of the Strategic Business Plan and Systems • To lead the multidisciplinary team, responsible for strategic business processes • To implement business process solutions with Web technology, management of customer relationships and Management of the Supply Chain • Planning and locating of information technology, covering the areas of physical location, business processes, hardware, software, networking, personal, Telematics, Internet, e-Business, etc. • To perform operational audits and special reviews of systems • Higher education-oriented technological developments worldwide.

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