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Alas Peruanas University offers Peruvian youth a more consolidated careers and greater application field such as civil engineering. Civil engineers are essential to the country's development professionals and are formed with a great demand in the different areas of specialty, such as: construction structures, hydraulic, geotechnics, transportation routes. This training is accomplished under a solid scientific and humanistic preparation with the domain of modern computer techniques and business management guidance.


El ingeniero civil de la UAP es un profesional competente y capacitado para desempeñarse en:

CONSTRUCTION - Planning, design and urban empowerment projects. – Execution of urban buildings such as houses and housing building or offices.

STRUCTURES - Analysis and design of reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, wood and materials of the country’s own structures. - Design of great works of civil engineering such as bridges, dams, wharves, etc.

HYDRAULICS - Design and construction of irrigation channels, navigation, pipes, storage dam, regulation and branching. - Design and construction of hydroelectric power plants.

GEOTECHNICS - Determination of the physical, mechanical and hydraulic characteristics of soils through exploration of field and laboratory tests. - Study of the behaviour of soils’ efforts and deformations for the design of foundations for different civil engineering works.

TRANSPORTATION ROAD - Design and construction of roads, highways, railways and mass transit systems. - Design of maritime, river and lake ports. - Design of airports and heliports to air transport.


The civil engineer graduated from Alas Peruanas University is a competitive and trained professional to work in: construction companies • Mining companies • Municipalities and regional governments • Public and private organizations • International organizations •University teaching • Research.



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