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The Academic Professional School of Architecture at Alas Peruanas University, true to the principles and institutional values, is fully committed to the development of the country. We train architects with high academic quality who can contribute effectively to the progress of the organizations or companies in which they have the opportunity to work, create and insert the academic activities and scientific research to community, providing new elements (open to changes required by the new reality), the scientific and academic debate in architectural discipline and urban and environmental issues so that they were used in the treatment and solution of local, national and international problems. The challenge of accepting the commitment referred to above, our institution requires overcoming traditional forms of higher education deeply-rooted in our environment, so we are immersed in an ongoing process of educational innovation in order to introduce the learner to the professional reality of its powers, the local social environment and global demands for graduates to study architecture.


The architect graduated from Alas Peruanas University is an innovative professional and capable of: handling of high technology instruments (satellites, aerial photography, digital mapping, GPS and GIS technology, etc.) of high efficiency for the entire space domain land at different scales (urban, regional, national, etc..) matter which in this era of globalization and high technological competitiveness is essential in the projects tasks and the planning of the Architect. They have a vision and integrated management of construction industry’s production process from market research to the operational phase of the architectural product. They have business skills for professional development in an increasingly competitive environment. They are training with a solid scientific base, technical and methodological knowledge, research capacity, innovation, high aesthetic, virtues as an artist and critical ability and moral and ethical ends.


A graduated from the Academic Professional School of Architecture at Alas Peruanas University is a competitive professional and able to work in: • Design of buildings regardless of their type and scale • Design of urbanizations and cities • Interior design and outdoor landscaping • Administration and construction management • Corporate governance and integrated management of real estate projects • Development and implementation of Urban and Regional Development Plans • Urban management • Restoration and conservation of architectural and urban heritage • Landscape Architecture • Art critic and research • University teaching.

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