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The Academic Professional School of Education of Alas Peruanas University provides the learning and theories that are proposed in different sciences and disciplines which contribute to the study and practice of education. We consider the four basic dimensions of knowledge: learning to know, learning to be, learning to live together and learning to do.

Professional profile:

The professional profile of the future teacher who graduates from Education School of Alas Peruanas University is trained in a philosophical framework based on democracy considering the right to be educated, become qualified and professionalize without discrimination, with freedom of conscience and the right to participate in the educational process aimed at developing a new approach that values the human spirit in a modern society which changes depending on the progress of science and technology. We apply the participatory methodology joining the experiences of students as prior knowledge to new ones. Likewise, it promotes the interest in research, innovation and constant application of creative alternatives leading to improvement the education quality.


The Bachelor of Education Alas Peruanas University is a skilled and trained professional to perform in the following areas: • Research area: diagnostic work, monographs, thesis statement, educational research projects. • Management Area: Coordinators, Assistants and Directors of Educational Computing, Specialists, Assistants and Directors in Educational Management Units level, promoters of Education Computing. • Teaching Area: Licentiate in early childhood education and primary, secondary and special education, Licentiate in education degree in the specialty of English, art education and other specialties at different levels.


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