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The Academic Professional School of Nursing at Alas Peruanas University acts according to the events and schools of thought which have marked the evolution of the concepts on the person, health, disease and its environment. The Nursing as a profession offers actions aimed at meeting the needs through the knowledge of basic sciences, ethics and aesthetics to contribute to the achievement of a quality life. The significant and constant changes in the socioeconomic, political, educational and environmental context of our society lead the UAP Nursing teachers and students to a permanent assessment of the curriculum, in accordance with health and educational paradigms proposing new methodological knowledge and strategies to respond to the professional development and contribute to solving the social problems of the country and the world.


The graduate of the Professional Academic School of Nursing Faculty of Human Medicine and Health Sciences, is one who has successfully met the requirements of the curriculum and has been found expedient to choose the degree of Bachelor. Is Titled, the bachelor who has obtained a professional degree is the different rules laid down by the University Act. The nurse, graduated from the School of Nursing Professional Academic is a balanced whole person (physical and emotional control, social sensitivity and adaptation to diversity), with capacity:

  • communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • learning
  • Teamwork
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Environmental Awareness
  • flexibility
  • Personal Development
  • citizenship Education
  • ethical behavior

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The graduate degree in nursing professional Academic School of Nursing, Faculty of Human Medicine and Health Sciences University is a professional Peruvian Wings competitive and able to work in various functions:

  • Welfare Function
  • Administrative Function
  • Teaching Function


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