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The Alas Peruanas University has taken on the task of educating professionals in Sport Sciences with a sound humanistic, technical and scientific basis, in order that they are trained for acting excellently in favour of the Peruvian society, contributing to raise their quality of life. The curriculum of the Professional School of Sport Sciences includes a set of harmonized subjects, workshops, laboratories and activities allowing the analysis of the educational and cultural transmission process which manifests itself in sport and physical education. The contents have been selected by the criterion of educating a qualified professional, able to manage in the education and sport sectors, as well as in health promotion and prevention, increasing the labour supply and demand.


The Licentiate in Sport Sciences graduated from Alas Peruanas University is able to: • Plan and lead the education’s future using modern paradigms. • Prevent health problems and promote practices and habits contributing to improve the population’s quality of life. •Carry out research projects on sport sciences and talent detection and training for the national and international competitive sport. • Draw up work plans according to the sport entertainment systems designed for high-ability athletes. •Manage institutions for education and training of any sport discipline. •Lead teams technically and manage refereeing rules.


The Licentiate in Sport Sciences graduated from Alas Peruanas University is an innovative professional and able to work in: • Teaching in public and private education institutions • Teaching in higher institutions • Sport managers in municipalities, sport and cultural clubs, sport academies, gyms •Homogenisation of national folk dancing • Development of sport programs in companies • Special education programs • Older people’s institutions •Sport trainers, personal training, fitness trainers.
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