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The Mechanical Engineer graduated from Alas Peruanas University uses laws such as heat, force and conservation of energy and mass to analyze the physical, static and dynamic systems, contributing to design objects. The Mechanical Engineering is the branch of the machines, equipment and installations, considering ecological and economic aspects for the benefit of the society. To carry out its task, the Mechanical Engineering analyzes the needs, formulates and solves technical problems through a multidisciplinary work and it is based on the scientific development, turning it into elements, machines, equipment and installations which provide an adequate service through the rational and efficient use of the available resources.


The profile defined for the competences established under the curricular policy frame is the following: High inventiveness and talent developed to apply successfully knowledge and abilities acquired for solving practical problems in its speciality, which are related to the design, construction, installation, trading, operation and improvement of machine elements, machinery and cutting-edge equipment, as well as the planning, organization and control of maintenance and lubrication of the mentioned equipment. Professional ethics and personal moral to manage observing a code of values which constitute the personality as a whole. Entrepreneurial attitude to risk starting a business, highly committed to the needs of its region and country, as well as the respect of the human being and environment which shelters it. Leadership ability to motivate and influence the work groups with which it works as a team. Trend to the basic and applied research as an instance which will create innovations, inventions and improvement of alternatives of production system management.


The Mechanical Engineer graduated from Alas Peruanas University is a competitive professional and able to work in: • Industrial factories in different production areas: textile, fishing, agribusiness, metallurgical, etc. • Companies for raw material extraction and its transformation into a finished product • Public entities: ministries, regional governments, decentralized entities. Private entities: small, medium and large industry • Companies for different services •Universities • National and international consultancies.


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