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The Academic Professional School of Industrial Engineering of Alas Peruanas University educates leaders and entrepreneurs with a strong academic and moral training, being able to design, implement and optimize the production systems of goods and services, covering and integrating the technological, commercial, economic and financial aspects and human resources. They can optimize the use of these elements, increase their productivity and design and implement continuous improvement processes aimed at improving the quality and productivity of the companies. They can determine commercial, technical, economic and financial feasibility of industrial projects. Thereby, they create the development and quality of life in a sustainable form.


The Industrial Engineer graduated from Alas Peruanas University is a professional and entrepreneurial leader who is able to: • Design, organize, and control the processes of production of goods and services. • Design and implement improvement processes continuously aimed at raising the quality and productivity of the company. • Determine the technical and commercial, economic and financial feasibility of industrial projects. • Implement industrial projects with a vision of sustainable development and respect for the environment.


The Industrial Engineer graduated from Alas Peruanas University is a competitive professional and able to work on: • Industrial enterprises of several productive sectors such as textile, fishing, metalworking, manufacturing, agribusiness, etc • Business Services • Companies mining and metallurgical sector • Financial Institutions • Public sector agencies such as ministries, municipalities, regional governments • Non-Governmental Organizations • Higher education-oriented technological developments worldwide.  


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