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The Academic Professional School of Human Psychology at Alas Peruanas University educates professional psychologists interested in the latest science, art, technology and philosophy advances, to enrich their personal, professional and humanistic education and be competent in the solution of mental health problems. Likewise, this school educates professionals who meet efficiently and promptly the current world’s requirements and innovations, with a new technical professional approach which values the human spirit considering the basic knowledge dimensions: know how to know, know how to be, know how to do in a globalized and competitive world.


We welcome the Academic Professional School of Human Psychology at Alas Peruanas University. Here, you will find a sound and rigorous academic education along with the favourable conditions to learn and create knowledge turning you in a high-level professional.

All the above mentioned is based on a constant search for academic demand in accordance with the scientific research training and experience in a humanistic ethical frame ensuring the human being’s encouragement and fulfilment. Our students are trained for turning into professionals who lead the changes required in our country and in the world.

We invite you to join our school and experience the adventure and challenge of building a better society.

Dr. Freddy Jaimes Alvarez
Director de Escuela


The Psychology Career aims to be a leader in the national and international field in the comprehensive training of psychologists with high academic quality, axiological values and those who played a leading role in the man’s biopsychosocial change through its educational quality based on the scientific, technological and teaching advances, to enrich the learning, the creation and spreading of knowledge allowing to meet efficiently and effectively the population’s health requirements working in the service of the person, family and society.


The Psychology Career in the Faculty of Health Sciences aims to educate high-level professionals, based on a comprehensive humanistic training with a scientific, technological, artistic, philosophical criterion and axiological values, able to take part efficiently and effectively in the national and international environment providing creative solutions according to the physical, mental, social and spiritual health requirements. He is also able to plan, assess, research and mediate for promotion, prevention, guidance and rehabilitation purposes supported in the values of solidarity, freedom, cooperativism, life defense and social justice.


The psychologist graduated from Alas Peruanas University is a professional with critical thinking, analytic, creative to systematize the information. • Social Communicator able to mix with people, coordinate institutions and rouse the masses in order to examine and discuss the national problems and propose solution alternatives for a better human cohabitation • Leader who identifies with the university community and the social, cultural and scientific institutions from the city, region or country in order to contribute to the social changes required. •Promoter of the strengthening and integration of the several society’s institutions, making actions on projection and extension of knowledge, motor skills as well as personal, affective and intellectual abilities.


The psychologist graduated from Alas Peruanas University is able to work in: • Hospitals • Private hospitals • Psychological departments in private companies • Sport clubs • Schools • Particular medical centres.

Alas Peruanas University | Av. San Felipe 1109. Jesús Maria, Lima | Telephone: (+51) 266 - 0195