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The Academic Professional School of Obstetrics at Alas Peruanas University educates high-quality professionals, based on scientific, ethical and humanistic aspects, able to care for the woman focusing on the sexual and reproductive health, her couple, family and community. For which purpose, it has a study plan updated with the latest medical and social science advances allowing them to develop administrative, teaching and research health-care functions in the public and private sector, thus making them competitive according to the country’s needs. All this guaranteed by a professional high-quality group of teachers.


TThe Licentiate in Obstetrics is an independent professional who has statutory authority and social commitment to perform his task in the specific health field; he has a critical, reflective and continuous learning attitude, leadership and communication skills, management and integration abilities, in order to generate new knowledge in the field he operates, contributing with his actions to sexual and reproductive health improvement of woman and her couple. The Licentiate in Obstetrics is a competent professional and trained for: • Providing integral health-care services in the area he operates using quality standards. • Knowing and using traditional and cutting-edge equipment and procedures applying biosafety standards and interpreting the results. • Undertake and encourage the social commitment in the health promotion and disease prevention through social extension programs.


The Licentiate in Obstetrics graduated from Alas Peruanas University is able to work in:

• Hospitals and health centres of the Ministry of Health MINSA • ESSALUD hospitals and general hospitals • Private hospitals • Police and Armed Forces Health Department • Particular medical centres • Non-Governmental Institutions • Research centres • University teaching

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