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The Academic Professional School of Mechatronics Engineering of Alas Peruanas University emerges from a combination of engineering for the integrated study of systems design and products that involve measurements, signal detection, mechanization products, computing control and actuation systems. Thus, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics Engineering and Computer Systems are concluded for the flexible development of production and service of different devices, machinery and processes, in accordance with the demands of the current globalized world.


The profile defined for the abilities established by the curricular policy is as follows: The engineers in mechatronics are professionally prepared with industrial computer skills, mechanics, electronics, electrical, pneumatic, electropneumatic, hydraulics and robotics that enable them to intervene in all and each of life cycle stages of engineering project that designs and sets off a need arising in production systems. They tend towards a basic and applied research as an alternative source of innovations, inventions and improvements of management alternative of production systems.


The Mechatronic Engineer graduated from Alas Peruanas University is a competitive professional and able to work in: • Small, medium and large companies from doing basic operations to the complete automation and control of production lines • The business management area, they supervise the production processes, including management of staff • As external consultant on issues related to automation projects, designing and making mechatronic prototypes • Production areas of mechanical and automated machinery equipment, new product development department, technology manager, industrial automation, consulting for the design and implementation of advanced technologies, areas of testing and quality control of parts, equipment and machinery, automotive industry, etc. • In companies where design is required and/or maintenance of electronic machinery and computer control systems, such as manufacturing systems, robots, motor vehicles, video cameras, power generation and machinery for chemical extraction processes.

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