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Certifica.comThe Academic Professional School of Environmental Engineering of Alas Peruanas University is inserted in order to serve the country forming professional able to prevent and deal with the complex and diverse environmental problems, arising from human activity and the adverse environmental factors. Peru requires qualified, leading, creative and innovative professionals. In addition, they will be analytical, critical and aware of the importance of their environment and respectful of the life, as promoter of sustainable development.


The environmental engineer graduated from Alas Peruanas University is a competitive professional and trained for: • To prevent and minimize efficiently the impacts and risks to human beings and the environment, ensuring environmental protection, economic growth, welfare and business competitiveness from entering the environmental dimension in the productive sectors. • To raise the programmes of integrated management and use of the physical resource (water, air and soil), both in his capacity as quantity and designing systems for treatment and control in accordance with environmental requirements. • To prevent, mitigate, control, compensate for or enhance environmental impacts caused on the community, the physical resources and ecosystems for the execution of works and the development of industrial processes, using environmental management systems, focused on compliance with regulations or operation and accreditation of volunteer management systems. • To Identify, characterize and assess socio-territorial, cultural and historical factors that have an impact on the conservation of natural resources and the deterioration of human communities in order to have right tools for decision-making, in diagnosis, characterization, quantification, assessment and models’ implementation of territory’s occupation that would benefit society.


Environmental engineer can work independently as a researcher in the creation of new anti-pollution devices, and is also qualified to practise his profession advising private and public sector. • Their field of work covers all national and international economic sectors • At institutional level, they can support units which are responsible environmental protection both from a policy point of view as the operating • They can work in the design, construction, operation and improvement of plants and processes to prevent and control pollution.

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