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The Academic Professional School of Tourism, Hotel Management and Gastronomy at Alas Peruanas University educates professional graduates with theoretical, technical and humanistic knowledge allowing them to have a wide understanding of the tourist phenomenon and its multiple implications in the tourism, hotel management and gastronomy field. Being aware of the current relevance of worldwide tourism and the vast tourist potential in our country, the school is intended to achieve professional graduates with a comprehensive education where the values in the academic and practical education prevail in order to be implemented in their future work life. Therefore, it has a study plan in accordance with the current scientific and technological demands, and a specialized teacher team committed to their comprehensive education.


The Licentiate in Tourism, Hotel Management and Gastronomy at Alas Peruanas University is a competitive professional and able to: • Create and manage tourist, hotel and gastronomic activity companies in public and private sectors. • Prepare national tourism inventories on the basis of the identification of tourist resources and attractions in order to diversify the national tourist offer. • Program, develop and market innovative products and tourist circuits nationwide and worldwide. • Prepare and carry out sustainable tourism development plans and projects which allow the rational use of the tourist heritage. • Manage the provision of tourist, hotel and gastronomic services which meet the tourism demand in the current competitive frame. • Provide technical advisory and consultancies in subjects related to tourism, hotel management and gastronomy.


The Licentiate in Tourism, Hotel Management and Gastronomy at Alas Peruanas University is a competitive professional and able to work in the following areas: • Tour Operators • Airlines and land transport lines • Accommodation companies and restaurants • Project consultant companies in tourism sustainability matters • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) aimed at the socioeconomic development of several towns and regions by implementing tourism projects • Various governmental organizations aimed at implementing tourism development policies in their several levels (national, regional or local) • Service companies aimed at tourist entertainment and recreation such as: casinos, discos, cruises, social and sport clubs, etc • Main Nationwide and worldwide tourism organizations such as the World Tourism Organization (WTO) • Research • University Teaching.

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