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The Academic Professional School of Medical Technology aims to be a leader in the national and international university field in its three specialities: Clinical Laboratory and Pathological Anatomy, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation and Radiology. It educates high academic level professionals with scientific, technical, humanistic and ethical knowledge to provide the whole town with health services appropriately, efficiently and effectively. Moreover, it gives some advice, solves biopsychosocial problems in the field it operates through the creation, modification and/or application of methodologies and technologies which advance according to the modern times and the social requirements of our reality. This school has qualified lecturers, a modern and up-to-date study plan in accordance with the labour market’s needs and requirements in the health area. Its aim is that the students acquire professional experience from their first academic terms. For such purpose, it has signed some agreements with the best hospital centres for theoretical and practical classes. 


The Medical Technologist graduated from Alas Peruanas University is a competent professional and able to work in: 1. Clinic Laboratory and Pathological Anatomy. Application, creativity and innovation of methods, procedures and technologies, allowing him to identify, analyze and interpret analytes of human biological materials, to obtain results necessary to help to confirm and/or determine the disease diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. 2. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. Prevention, recovery and rehabilitation of human deficiencies and disabilities by preparing, carrying out and monitoring physiotherapeutic plans and programs based on a physio-functional diagnosis and examination. 3. Radiology. Creation, planning, modification and assessment of methods, procedures, technologies of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation application to obtain help, diagnosis and/or treatment images, measuring out rationally and allowing him to contribute to health promotion, recovery and rehabilitation.


The Medical Technologist with specialities in Clinical Laboratory and Pathological Anatomy, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation and Radiology graduated from Alas Peruanas University applies his professional exercise in: • Public health institutions (MINSA), private health institutions (national health service), Armed Forces (Navy, Army, Air Force) and Police Forces • Particular clinics ¬ • Management of diagnostic and/or medical treatment centres • Mental health institutions • Private companies for marketing of medical equipment • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and environment • Research Institutions • Legal expertise in his speciality field.


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