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The Academic Professional School of Cooperative Movement at Alas Peruanas University educates professionals able to organize, manage and advise organizations of Production and Service Sectors, having as a basis the solidarity, mutual aid and cooperation with the golden rule of Cooperative Movement based on education, to attend social and socially responsible companies.


The Licentiate in Cooperative Movement, graduated from Alas Peruanas University is a competent professional and is able to: • Organize, manage and advise a group of persons with similar needs to solve their problems cooperatively. • Know the doctrine, philosophy, organization and management of cooperative organizations and those from the social sector. •Manage, advise and supervise cooperative companies and associated institutions. • Hold positions such as officers of public and private entities. • Theoretical and practical training in business disciplines. • Professionalism for designing strategies in the planning and organization of cooperative companies. • Promote, organize and foster Production and Service Cooperatives. • Sensitivity and comprehensive training in order to search for the solution to social needs, considering that the human being has more value that its economic contribution. • Make decisions to solve specifically related problems.


The Licentiate in Cooperative Movement graduated from Alas Peruanas University is able to work in: • Cooperative Companies • Associations • Business Management • Local communities • Local and Regional Governments • NGO • University Teaching

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