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Social Gerontology
Introduction Study Plan Activities Authorities

Considering that the Gerontology is the discipline that studies the aging process of human beings, the Academic Professional School of Social Gerontology aims to educate professionals with social sensitivity, vocation for service and moral integrity. Professionals with multidisciplinary education, analysis ability and motivation to research the social reality of our old age population as well as propose preventive measures and solutions to the aging problems.


• Lead social policies and elderly people’s organizations, encouraging the cultural, social, sport, political and economic participation of this population. • Develop services and activities enabling the improvement of the elderly people’s quality of life. • Prepare social research projects to know better the reality of elderly people and propose solutions to their national problems. • Manage nationwide and worldwide programs and projects for the benefit of the target population. • Take part in the comprehensive care for elderly people in conjunction with other professionals. • Manage service institutions for elderly people such as: shelters, geriatric homes, old people’s centres, etc. • Work in the university teaching area.


The Licentiate in Social Gerontology is a competitive professional and able to work in a labour market such as: • Community social gerontology • Municipal social gerontology • Management of gerontological services • Social gerontological programs additional to health programs • Social gerontology research • University teaching.

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