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The Academic Professional School of Mining Engineering at Alas Peruanas University offers its students, the knowledge and experience in implementing of the land resources exploration and exploitation’s principles, developing strategies, abilities to solve mining problems and teamwork skills and decision-making.


The Mining Engineers graduated from Alas Peruanas University are a competitive professional and able to:
• Act and to develop both personally and technically, with a broad vision of humanity, society and modernity.
• To exercise their profession with excellence, achieving a high level of competence in solution of problems in different areas of labour markets, regardless of whether these are local, national or international.
• To apply scientific theoretical knowledge of the principles for the design and technology to recover natural resources.
• ITo promote a scientific revolution in mining to systematize knowledge about the methods and systems for mining.


The Mining Engineer graduated from Alas Peruanas University is a competitive professional and able to work on: • Searching, locating and prospecting of mineral resources • Extraction techniques and mine of mineral resources • Concentration of minerals • Mineral processing and metallurgy • Exploitation of energy mineral resources. All this, it’s in national, international, public and/or private companies.

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