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The Academic Professional School of Aeronautical Engineering at Alas Peruanas University offers the professional career of Aeronautical Engineering with a modern, up-to-date and flexible curriculum structure with a clearly aeronautical approach. The five-year career plan is well-balanced and leads to obtain the professional profile (attitudes and skills) providing the characteristics required by the country. Therefore, the real science and technology boom will be generated in the aeronautical field, contributing to the development of the domestic aeronautical industry and related activities, as well as the community growth in this field, in order to create a great cluster in the South American region. Due to its very special characteristics, the aeronautical industry will contribute to the economy growth and the development, national defense and security.


The student graduated from the Academic Professional School of Aeronautical Engineering at Alas Peruanas University will have the following professional profile: He will be committed to the Aeronautical Sector development; He will have a social, environmental and ethical responsibility; He will promote the Research, creativity and innovation in the aeronautical industry development; He will contribute to other engineering branches and will have a wide aerospace view.


The student graduated from the Academic Professional School of Aeronautical Engineering at Alas Peruanas University will have a professional academic education to work in:

• The public or private aeronautical sector, holding different positions in national commercial air transport companies.

• Foreign commercial air transport companies.

• Aircraft manufacturing companies.

• Aeronautical component and part manufacturing companies.

• Aeronautical repair and maintenance shops (aeroplanes of any type in the civil area).

• Logistic companies which market goods and services for the aeronautical sector.

• Companies which have aircraft (banks, mining companies).

• Flying clubs.

• Training Centres (university and technical)

• Flying Training Centres.

• Consultant business group, investors (definition of requirements in the country or region)

• Private research group on insurance company legal consultancy (determine inspections)

• Companies related to air and aviation activity services.

• Local and foreign institutes.

• Aerospace research and development works.


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