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Engineering of Naval and Marine Sciences
Introduction Study Plan Activities Authorities
The Academic Professional School of Engineering of Naval and Maritime Sciences of Alas Peruanas University trains professionals with humanistic, scientific and technological skills that enable them to perform with excellence and leadership in the four dimensions of knowledge, according to the principles of the doctrine, vision, mission and curricular goals of Alas Peruanas University.


The Engineer of Naval and Maritime Science graduated from Alas Peruanas University is a competitive professional and able to have enough knowledge to perform in scientific, technical and professional technological applications in the development and management of naval systems, supporting processes design. They carry out projects and programs using the latest technology in naval and marine sciences with the aim to contribute substantially to the achievement of company’s goals where they work. They can develop strategic, business and technology planning in engineering, reengineering, and process redesign, as defined in multidisciplinary groups of companies to enhance and support the strategies of the company by enabling improved productivity and quality indicators, increasing their competitiveness.


The Engineer of Naval and Marine Science, graduated from Alas Peruanas University is a competitive professional and able to work in the design, specification, design, development, validation and assembly of naval systems applied to areas of civil shipbuilding and war, applying knowledge in naval auxiliaries, naval communications, celestial navigation, marine life, navigation at sea, sailing flat, fluid mechanics.  

The economic evaluation and impact on projects of sectors of shipbuilding and navigation. 
Strategic systems planning for civil shipbuilding and war.  
Management companies in the industrial sector, telecommunications and other naval, applying management principles to project engineering, management of human and physical resources, assembly, production and maintenance.

Duration: 10 Academics terms (5 years)

Academic degree
Bachelor in Engineering of Naval and Marine Sciences

Professional degree
Engineer of Naval and Marine Sciences

Address and Phone
Avenue San Felipe 1109 - Jesús María.
266-0195 extension numbers: 138 – 202

Contacts: :
Mr. Juan Carlos Marca email:
Mr. Luis Chirinos Figueroa email:
Alas Peruanas University | Av. San Felipe 1109. Jesús Maria, Lima | Telephone: (+51) 266 - 0195