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 Administration and International Business
Introduction Study Plan Activities Authorities E P A D

The Academic Professional School of Administration and International Business at Alas Peruanas University educates professional graduates with a comprehensive view, considering the current needs of a more and more competitive and globalized market, where the companies require professional graduates with a new paradigm, multifunctional and multidisciplinary, trained for researching domestic and international markets and able to compete worldwide. For that purpose, this school has a study plan with subjects and topics according to the reality, training professional students in administration and international business with a managerial and strategic view of the administration applied to the global context.


The administrator graduated from Alas Peruanas University is trained for working in public and private sectors, in national and international organizations, in managerial posts of the international business areas, marketing, operations management, strategic planning, in the financial, accounting and human resource line. Likewise, he is able to work as an adviser, consultant, sales representative, researcher and lecturer. He is a professional able to strategically manage and run organizations and business worldwide through the managerial decision-taking in order to ensure the achievement of planned results, solve problems and adapt to the environment changes. He is competent and trained for: managing the operations, marketing and the finances, as well as designing, managing and controlling business management patterns; innovating, formulating and developing solutions aimed at meeting the market’s needs as well as managing and strengthening the human resources; analyzing and understanding his reality, in accordance with the available alternatives; trading in different organizational, geographical and cultural scenarios; designing, carrying out and evaluating business projects and developing the scientific research.


The student graduated from the UAP is professionally trained for holding any of the following positions: • International Business Planner • Organizer of International Trade companies • International Business Manager • Administrator • Financial Manager • International market manager • International Business Auditor • International Business adviser and consultant • Production Manager • International logistic and transport manager • Businessman • Researcher •Lecturer.

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