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The Academic Professional School of Zootechnical Engineering is committed to train capable and competitive professionals to the production and processing of food and animal products, contributing to the population's food supply in both quantity and quality. Our professional school is located in the last valley of Lima, Pachacamac in the south, at 23km. The headquarters of Alas Peruanas University has all the appropriate facilities: classrooms, laboratories, auditorium, library, study areas, facilities for various production animal species which can provide the best training of our future professionals.


The Zootechnical Engineer graduated from Alas Peruanas University is a professional with theoretical, methodological and technical training to address issues relating to agricultural production, including aspects of food production and other products and by-products, in consideration of possibilities and limitations which are peculiar in each region and circumstances, adapting their professional knowledge to each situation, in a context where it is constantly associated social, economic and cultural convergent factors and methodological and technical devices support for decision making and advising on the issues involved.


The Zootechnical Engineer graduated from Alas Peruanas University is a professional with theoretical, methodological and technical training to work in:

• The organization, direction and advice of establishments destined for livestock production (poultry integrators, hog farms, dairies industry, weight gain centres, stables, etc..) • University teaching and technical institutes • Research and extension from state or private institutions (INIA, special projects, regional projects, municipal projects, social support mining projects, ONGs, etc.) • Administration of production plants feed, ration formulation, etc. • Quality control inputs.

Alas Peruanas University | Av. San Felipe 1109. Jesús Maria, Lima | Telephone: (+51) 266 - 0195