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The Faculty of Education promotes the Academic Professional School of English with a study plan structured in a scheme that is specialized in teaching of the English language. The future teachers are educated to meet the challenges in education and to develop the ability of their students. Our students are trained on the basis of values, principles and a total knowledge in English language. They are also trained in accordance with our national reality.


• To form students to achieve an excellent level of English.

• To give to the students professional teaching skills.

• To develop entrepreneurial ability in students that is agreed in their professional life.

• To form students for a better intercultural communication.

• To help students to develop their personal confidence to succeed as a productive and professional adults.

• To develop a critical thinking and encourage the development of good research techniques and study habits.

• To develop an awareness of the diversity of human thought, culture, beliefs and art.

• To form students as professional ethical beings operating with integrity in codes of ethics and values.


The teacher who graduates from the Academic Professional School of English is placed in the Peruvian labour market of education as soon as they graduate.

• The excellence of their education allows competitiveness, professionalism, expertise and efficiency in different educational institutions of our country

• Our English Language Professionals are also fully trained for administrative positions in education and encouraged to develop new approaches and techniques for improving Peruvian and International Education.

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