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The mission of the Academic Professional School of Human Medicine at Alas Peruanas University is achieving the leadership in the national, regional and local field, in the comprehensive education of human health professionals, with a high-level profile, those who played a leading role in the social changes in a global world through the quality of teaching, research and spreading of new knowledge as well as generation and materialization of national and international bonds related to the practice of medical sciences. All this based on the search for the truth and in close relationship with other professionals in the health field.


To educate surgeons with a sound comprehensive training and with scientific, technological, artistic criterion, able to practice the profession in several fields of society, committed to serve with suitability and professional ethics, according to the needs and requirements of the country, in the physical, mental, social and spiritual health fields, inspired by the values of solidarity, freedom, life defense and social justice.


The Professional Profile of Surgeon trained in the Academic Professional School of Human Medicine at Alas Peruanas is due to an analysis of several aspects related to the surgeon according to the social demand in health, considering the demand principles such as relevance, equity, quality and cost, effectiveness of medical actions. For this purpose, the OMS’s proposal, the Peruvian national reality and the following aspects are taken into account:

  • Legal: (Constitution, Organic Law of Health, Health National Police, Health Code, University Law, Statute and General Regulations of UAP).
  • National and Regional Health Situation (Government Policy on Health, Population Aspects of Housing, Environmental Health, Nutrition and Services).
  • Health Infrastructure Study and Qualified Human Team.
  • Aspects related to Education, Culture and government policies.
  • Periodic review and redesign of curriculum and its administrative support mechanisms, so that they ensure the surgeon graduated from the Academic Professional School of Medicine at UAP effectively has the abilities specified in the profile.


The Surgeon graduated from Alas Peruanas University is able to work in: • Promotional preventive area • Health care area • Teaching area • Research area • Administrative and management area • National and international production area.

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