The ideal and the education scope of creating a new Seat of Learning, in this generous and warm city of Ica, were authorized by “ALAS PERUANAS” UNIVERSITY of Lima, by unanimous agreement of DIRECTORS on August 24th 1999.

In this way, the “Alas Peruanas” Private School of Ica was created as an Application Centre of such University. For that reason, the Promoter represented in the distinguished and visionary person of Ph. D. FIDEL RAMIREZ PRADO, appointed the prominent and dynamic Lic. MIGUEL MAGALLANES CARRILLO, Executive Director and ENRIQUE MAGALLANES FAJARDO, Director of Studies, as persons responsible for the administrative management of the new EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION.

Our C.E.P. was authorized according to REGIONAL BOARD RESOLUTION No. 0063, dated February 02nd 2000, in Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education Levels.

Since then, a new campaign in written and oral media was opened, having the “ALAS PERUANAS” PRIVATE UNIVERSITY as a PROMOTER, which identifies with the social, economic and educational problems of our society. The “Alas Peruanas” Education System, which proposes the Individual’s Comprehensive Education in intellectual aspects and the practice of values, defined within its humanistic, academic and scientific postulates in three Education levels: Childhood, Primary and Secondary, was presented.

Offers that, aimed at increasing education quality level, was received and entrusted by the City of Ica, who soon met the demand of School Population of both sexes in a generous and optimistic way. Such population, eager for drinking in wise and efficient teaching of the new Educational Project, is crystallizing this desire for achieving a Future Learning.

The academic year 2000 started as follows:

- 06 Childhood Education Teachers.
- 10 Primary Education Teachers.
- 21 Secondary Education Teachers.

In short, THE “ALAS PERUANAS” PRIVATE EDUCATIONAL CENTRE of Ica optimizes in educational advantages defined in a development and competitiveness scope according to the new guidelines and technological advances.

Just like the call and registration of Students from the Parents, Tests will be carried out to select the Group of Teachers, who will be responsible for taking students to the path of wisdom and permanent improvement ideals to achieve the success leading to their personal, social and intellectual realization.

The OPENING of “ALAS PERUANAS” C.E.P. of Ica was held on March 10th 2000, being sponsored by recognized personalities such as: Dr. LUIS IBERICO ROJAS, Chairman of “SAN LUIS GONZAGA” University’s Reorganization Committee in Ica and Mrs. HELENA SOLER DE PANIZZO, a distinguished Businesswoman and Ica Woman Paradigm. In said Opening, the Ph.D. FIDEL RAMIREZ PRADO expressed mystical principles, guidelines and educational policy in the Prestigious “ALAS PERUANAS” University in his exciting speech. This university, aimed at providing new and good educational prospects, creates this new ACADEMIC INSTITUTION that Ica’s community values, recognizes and will thank eternally.

On March 15th, the school classes started with more than 650 students divided into 25 sections.

At present, the Executive Director’s Office is in charge of Mrs. FRESIA BAVESTRELLO DE GALLEGOS who, in coordination with the Promoter, is managing the extension of 12 classrooms to provide accommodation and high-quality and comfort services for students, according to the requirements of the new Educational Proposal responding to this new millennium.

Alter three months of the school functioning, we won the First Award consisting of A HONOR OF MERIT PENNANT, for having won the First Place in the School Military Parade in the District of Guadalupe in Ica. This is a permanent incentive which will crystallize in favour of our School, in different scientific, cultural and civic events the Institution takes part in actively.


   Executive Director     Sra. Fresia Bavestrello de Gallegos
   Director of Studies     Sr. Enrique Magallanes Fajardo
   OBE Coordinator     Prof. Petronila Vásquez Reyes
   Academic Coordinator     Prof. Rosa Carmona Madueño


  Address:   Av Pedro Moreno 440 - Chincha
  Telephone:   (+51) (56) 22-8622