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Virtual Library
Alas Peruanas University with the aim of providing comprehensive education to university community gives, through this section, the access to virtual libraries of recognized prestige.

Information Sources
University Administration of Distance Education has prepared a collection of digital books classifying them for Professional Schools. To access please click here.

UNESCO - World Digital Library
UNESCO and 32 institutions have developed a virtual library that can be look up unique cultural documents from libraries and archives worldwide. This virtual library contains manuscripts, maps, strange books, films, sound recordings, prints and photographs. The access is unlimited and free. To access please click here.

Universia through its website, has launched its Open section in which offers the university community access to information sources according to the following classification:
  • OPEN COURSE WARE: The free and unrestricted access to university classes subjects of different courses, created by the same teachers from various universities worldwide. To access please click here.
  • KNOWLEDGE@WHARTON: The most important news articles in the world. To access please click here.
  • NEXTWAVE: Publications of Projects developed by different researchers and scientists around the world. To access please click here.
  • BUSINESS REVIEW: Focus on the entire university communities and the company managing the integration of these two sectors of the economy. To access please click here.
  • CERVANTES VIRTUAL: Virtual fund of plays in Spanish language with free access from anywhere in the world. To access please click here.
  • BIBLIOTECA DE RECURSOS: Several projects of library materials in the world and a virtual library directory. To access please click here.
  • MAGAZINE GCG: Publication of articles on new ideas about the effects of Globalization and Competitiveness and Governance (GCG) of Latin American companies and countries. To access please click here.
  • RJOURNAL OF LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY: A place to contribute about reflection on Latin American cultural space. To access please click here.
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