This following document is intended to inform to students of all levels of ALAS PERUANAS UNIVERSITY (UAP) also if applicable to their parents and guardians the conditions for the provision of educational services by the UAP under the Law for Promotion of Investment in Education adopted by the Legislative Decree No. 882, the Act university No. 23733, and the regulations approved by the UAP.

The enrollment of a student is the knowledge and acceptance of these conditions and the regulations approved by the UAP. The UAP reserves the right to request in each case the subscription of these conditions by the student.


The UAP provides educational services for undergraduate and graduate students. The services are part of what is stated in the Law for Promotion of Investment in Education adopted by the Legislative Decree No. 882, the University Act No. 23733, and the regulations approved by the UAP.

Educational services are provided in academic cycles in the campus and distance. Consider teaching activities / learning, research, dissemination of knowledge, culture, sports, production of goods and services and Social responsibility.

The work at the university is done by university officials, teachers, students, and graduates.

The requirements to become a regular student of the UAP are to have a complete High school education, pass the entrance exam, and pay the tuition fees and academic record enrollment in the courses of their choice in each academic year.


In exchange for the services provided by the UAP, enrolled students must meet the payment of pensions approved and published by the UAP according to what is stated below:

1. Cycle cost:

a) The tuition fee and
b) Payments for academic rights, made up of four monthly payments.

2. The amount of the tuition fee and pensions are set according to the Academic Professional School and modality chosen by the student and the category assigned.

3. The UAP publishes in advance the amount of pensions in the website of the University ( and bulletin boards at each site.

4. The amount of tuition and pension may vary according to the following conditions:

a) a) According to the student's situation (new student or resulting from previous cycles, who are called "regular students"), as well as the mode of teaching and the category.
b) According to the Academic Professional School selected.
c) If the student receives any financial aid from the UAP requested at the social welfare department and Scholarships granted by the rectory to students who rank first and second place on their academic performance in every term.

5. Interest and penalties for late payments of fees are set as follows:

InterestThe maximum interbank rate set by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru.
PenaltyStudents Headquarters: S/. 35.00 Students at other subsidiaries in the country: S/. 20,00
If there is an extemporaneous enrollment (within the established timeline), also have a penalty.

6. The payment of pensions includes education services teaching / learning in classroom, laboratories, libraries, and likewise the use of the spaces provided in all subsidiaries in UAP.

Also, in case of accident or sudden illness on the premises of the university the UAP will provide first aid immediately and temporary depending on the needs of the particular emergency .

7. The study programs of some schools introduce a need for intensive use of practice materials, supplies, etc., the cost should be covered by the student. In the same way some schools require intensive practices in institutions outside the university and have costs that need to be covered by the students.

8. On the other hand some schools to maintain technological competitiveness internationally requiring organizing conferences, workshops, courses and seminars, the costs must be paid by the students.

9. The rates for services and procedures provided by the UAP will be published on the website of the UAP ( and on the bulletin boards at each subsidiary.